Commander R. S. Rathore (Retd) has been imparting SSB training to candidates with best results. The newspapers have acclaimed his effort. The candidates who took SSB coaching from him have passed SSB with high merit.

  • Ajay Kumar

    Ajay Kumar

    I was among first few students of Rathore Sir. He has trained me & I got success...
  • Aditya Sharma

    Aditya Sharma

    Good Technical aids and GTO ground. Rathore sir is too Good!!...
  • Alkendra Sachan

    Alkendra Sachan

    Good Academy for best results!...
  • Abhishek Shukla

    Abhishek Shukla

    Academy is too good!! Thank You Rathore Sir!....
  • Aman Dubey

    Aman Dubey

    Just follow whatever Rathore Sir tell you and you will crack SSB...
  • Ambuj Bhardwaj

    Ambuj Bhardwaj

    Thank you Rathore Sir.
  • Anmol Gambhir

    Anmol Gambhir

    Rathore sir has helped me pass SSB....
  • Apurv Hatwalne

    Apurv Hatwalne

    Individual attention is given by Rathore Sir....
  • Aradhya Kumar

    Aradhya Kumar

    10+2 Tech
    Thanks to Defenceselect Academy!!...
  • Arvind Kumar

    Arvind Kumar

    best coaching!...
  • Awadhesh Prasad

    Awadhesh Prasad

    Asst Comdt. CISF
    Good guidance!...
  • Gaurav Shrivastava

    Gaurav Shrivastava

    Good training for SSB!...
  • Himanchal Shrivastava

    Himanchal Shrivastava

    Dedicated training for best SSB training!...
  • Suhani Chachra

    Suhani Chachra

    Best coaching for SSB preparation
  • Ankit Sharma

    Ankit Sharma

    Thank you for your guidance
  • Yashvir Singh

    Yashvir Singh

    Defenceselect Academy gives best coaching
  • D Akhil Raj

    D Akhil Raj

    Defenceselect Academy helped me pass NDA written and SSB Interview.
  • Rohit Kumar

    Rohit Kumar

    I hail from Itarsi. Defenceselect Academy helped me pass SSB
  • Priyanka Rathore

    Priyanka Rathore

    JAG Navy
    I thank RS Defenceselect Academy for support & guidance.
  • Shireen Comfort

    Shireen Comfort

    Ground Duties Air Force
    Thank You Sir
  • Vibhor Jain

    Vibhor Jain

    Indian Navy Education
    Great positive energy & learning at Defenceselect Acdemy
  • Anil Hinduja

    Anil Hinduja

    10+2 TES
    Commander Sir, you were so correct in your assessment...
  • Neha Jain

    Neha Jain

    Thank you Cdr Rathore sir for guiding me in passing my SSB Interview.
  • Vishal Singh

    Vishal Singh

    10 + 2 Tech
    Defenceselect Academy has helped me for over two months in my SSB preparation.
  • Umesh Kumar

    Umesh Kumar

    ACC entry
    Thank You Commander Rathore Sir !!
  • Shivanshu Shekhar

    Shivanshu Shekhar

    Thank You Cdr Rathore Sir!
  • Adheesh Shah

    Adheesh Shah

    I thank Cdr Rathore for his guidance
  • R Anantha Krishnan

    R Anantha Krishnan

    I was given individual attention to help me pass my SSB.
  • Rita Tomar

    Rita Tomar

    Thank you Defenceselect Academy!
  • Aniket Khale

    Aniket Khale

    Territorial Army
    Thank you Rathore Sir!!
  • Kamaljeet Kaur

    Kamaljeet Kaur

    Air Force (Met)
    You have been a great guide.
  • Aishwarya Tripathi

    Aishwarya Tripathi

    CDSE (IMA)
    Guidance of Cdr Rathore Sir helped me crack my CDS written and SSB.
  • Mridul Hedau

    Mridul Hedau

    Thank you for guiding me through SSB.
  • Tarun Dhote

    Tarun Dhote

    NCC Airforce
    Thank you Cdr Rathore sir
  • Kaushlesh Kumar Sinha

    Kaushlesh Kumar Sinha

    Thank YOU Cdr Rathore
  • Brijpal Singh Rathore

    Brijpal Singh Rathore

    Thanx Cdr Rathore Sir!
  • Ankur Modgil

    Ankur Modgil

    SSC Tech Army
    I Thank Rathore Sir for my selection
  • Ksitija Mursenia

    Ksitija Mursenia

    SSC Tech Army
    Cdr Rathore gave very good and precise training for SSB.
  • Deepak Kumar Gupta

    Deepak Kumar Gupta

    NDA (AF)
    My sucess in SSB is because of your guidance Rathore sir.
  • Vijayshan Singh Kushwaha

    Vijayshan Singh Kushwaha

    UES (Navy)
    Everything you taught helped me in SSB Interview.
  • Deepak Sharma

    Deepak Sharma

    10+2 TES 35
    Thank you Cdr rathore sir for your guidance.
  • Sanjay Yadav

    Sanjay Yadav

    IMA 141
    Thank you so much sir for your guidance and blessings
  • Jitesh Kherajani

    Jitesh Kherajani

    Heartily thanking you Cdr Rathore sir.
  • Mohinder Arora

    Mohinder Arora

    NCC Spl entry
    Thank you sir for guiding me through this one year of struggle. It took me three attempts but I made it.
  • Vineet Dubey

    Vineet Dubey

    SSC Tech 47
    Thank You sir
  • Karan Veer Singh Tapwal

    Karan Veer Singh Tapwal

    10+2 TES
    Thank You for your guidance sir
  • Satyam Singh

    Satyam Singh

    SSC TGC124
    please do not forget that RS Defenceselect Academy is the best place to guide you to your goal.
  • Shuvam Shukla

    Shuvam Shukla

    10+2 B Tech
    Great support by you.Thank you so much sir !
  • Chanderbir Singh

    Chanderbir Singh

    I have done coaching from Minerva & Balnoi academy but couldn't get through SSB. Cdr Rathore gave me personal attention and helped me get over my problem areas. And I passed SSB. Thank you Sir!
  • Aman Pawar

    Aman Pawar

    Just do as Cdr Rathore sir tell you in the class and you will qualify.
  • Aman Vyas

    Aman Vyas

    SSC (X) Indian Navy
    Cdr Rathore Sir, guidance helped me succeed.
  • Ayush Goyal

    Ayush Goyal

    Best Coaching
  • Chetan Chouhan

    Chetan Chouhan

    UES Navy
    Best training!...
  • Gajendra K Mishra

    Gajendra K Mishra

    Rathore Sir's guidance helped me pass SSB....
  • Shubham Jha

    Shubham Jha

    Sir your notes and guidance was very helpful in SSB. Thank you Sir!
  • Sakshi Pandey

    Sakshi Pandey

    Navy Logistic
    Thank You Cdr Rathore Sir for such good SSB Training.
  • Lance Naik Shiv Shankar

    Lance Naik Shiv Shankar

    My life changed after joining your acdaemy. Thank you sir.
  • Pulkit Sharma

    Pulkit Sharma

    Coast Guard Technical
    Thank you sir for guiding me and answering to all my questions.
  • Kanishk Sakwar

    Kanishk Sakwar

    SSC Tech 48
    Thank you sir. Its all because of you....
  • Kanupriya Mali

    Kanupriya Mali

    The best coaching for preparation of Defence services.
  • Bhavya Raj Yadav

    Bhavya Raj Yadav

    I thank Cdr Rathore for training me and help me pass in my SSB Interview
  • Mayank Balyan

    Mayank Balyan

    My elder brother made through RS Defenceselect Academy and I made it too with best rank.
  • Dushyant Bhargava

    Dushyant Bhargava

    The best personalised traing by Cdr Rathore helped me secure 5th rank in OTA.
  • Sakshi Verma

    Sakshi Verma

    CDS 2017
    Cdr rathore is very supportive
  • Zeeshan Alam

    Zeeshan Alam

    I will recommend every Defence aspirant to take coaching from RS defenceselect Academy.
  • Bharti Rao

    Bharti Rao

    SSC Tech-27
    Commander Rathore's guidance helped me in passing my SSB Interview
  • Satender Maurya

    Satender Maurya

    The One month of training during PDP course by Cdr Rathore helped me a lot
  • Anubhav Sharma

    Anubhav Sharma

    I am very happy with the way sir helped me out to clear my SSB.
  • Keshav Yadav

    Keshav Yadav

    10+2 TES
    I learnt a lot from RS Defenceselect Academy!
  • Ashutosh Yadav

    Ashutosh Yadav

    10+2 B Tech (Indian Navy)
    Thank you Cdr Rathore sir for your efforts and guidance!
  • Shubhrant Pathak

    Shubhrant Pathak

    10+2 B Tech (Indian Navy)
    Great coaching. Good GTO practice and Very good study material.
  • Raj Dixit

    Raj Dixit

    10+2 TES (Army)
    Very helpful coaching and guidance from Cdr Rathore Sir!
  • Fatima Zia

    Fatima Zia

    SSC Tech
    Thank You for helping me clear my SSB. Academy has good GTO ground.
  • Aditya shrivastava

    Aditya shrivastava

    SSC Tech- 50
    I am grateful to Cdr Rathore for his support and guidance.
  • Navjot Singh

    Navjot Singh

    Thank you for writing a good book on SSB Interview. It helped me a lot!
  • Anshul Pateriya

    Anshul Pateriya

    10+2 TES
    A very many thanks to Cdr Rathore
  • Shraddha Kumbhkar

    Shraddha Kumbhkar

    Just follow Cdr Rathore's teaching. The book (study material) is very helpful!
  • Anantjeet Mishra

    Anantjeet Mishra

    Thank you for your guidance and support.
  • Gyanendra Gautam

    Gyanendra Gautam

    Asst Comdt Works BSF
    your support has helped me realise my dream. Thank you Rathore Sir!
  • Sushmita Banerjee

    Sushmita Banerjee

    SSC Tech Army
    Thank you for helping me pass my SSB interview
  • Rachit Sharma

    Rachit Sharma

    Thank you for personalised guidance.
  • Anurag Singh

    Anurag Singh

    CDSE (II) 2018
    All credit for my selection goes to Commander Rathore sir.
  • Srishthi Panwalkar

    Srishthi Panwalkar

    SSC Tech Feb 2022
    Thanks to Cdr Rathore for his mentorship
  • Akash Singh

    Akash Singh

    SSC Tech 53
    Your guidance helped me to get 3rd rank in SSC Tech 53. Thank you Sir!
  • Ravish Rathore

    Ravish Rathore

    10+2 BTech Sep 2019
    Your personal guidance ensured my success.
  • Kanupriya Awasthi

    Kanupriya Awasthi

    CDS Feb 2022
    Superb guidance by Cdr Rathore sir
  • Harleen Kaur

    Harleen Kaur

    JAG Entry
    Sir, you have been great help & motivation in my SSB preparation.
  • Tanishq Bhadoriya

    Tanishq Bhadoriya

    10+2 BTech
    Constant support & inspiration in SSB preparation helped me crack the SSB.
  • Harshit Dwivedi

    Harshit Dwivedi

    10+2 TES (Mar 2019)
    ssb training given by Cdr Rathore is very helpful.
  • Harsh K Pillai

    Harsh K Pillai

    10+2 BTech
    Rathore Sir helped me improve and clear my SSB.
  • Raveesh Rathore

    Raveesh Rathore

    10+2 BTech
    Cdr Rathore guided me ane even took extra classes to help me get through the SSB.
  • Shivani Sehrawat

    Shivani Sehrawat

    You are the best mentor for SSB Interview. Thanks for helping me pass my SSB.
  • Parth Sachdev

    Parth Sachdev

    Many Thanks to Cdr Rathore for helping me realise my dreams.
  • Suyash Pal Singh

    Suyash Pal Singh

    Cdr Rathore is a learned mentor and great motivator.
  • Jaskaran Singh

    Jaskaran Singh

    I got individual guidance & I got selected...
  • Jisha George

    Jisha George

    SSB passing made easy by Rathore Sir.....
  • Krishna K Nair

    Krishna K Nair

    Asst Comdt. CG
    Best SSB Training institute!!...
  • Madhur Goyal

    Madhur Goyal

    Best coaching for NDA written & SSB Training!!..
  • Mandeep


    I benefited a lot from SSB training...
  • Manish


    UES Navy
    best guidance for SSB in Bhopal...
  • Mohit Soni

    Mohit Soni

    Good institute for SSB preparation....
  • Palash Gupta

    Palash Gupta

    I achieved my dreams because of Defenceselect Academy...
  • Pankaj Meena

    Pankaj Meena

    Best coaching for SSB selection...
  • Piyush Arora

    Piyush Arora

    I suggest everyone should take training from Defenceselect Academy...
  • Raja Khurshid

    Raja Khurshid

    Best coaching in Bhopal for Written & SSB Training...
  • Rohit Dhankar

    Rohit Dhankar

    I owe my selection to Defenceselect Academy...
  • Ruchi Tripathi

    Ruchi Tripathi

    NCC, OTA
    Sure selection from defenceselect Academy...
  • Harshal Joshi

    Harshal Joshi

    Air Force (tech)
    Best SSB Coaching.
  • Sandeep Singh

    Sandeep Singh

    Prepare in defenceselect Academy for best results...
  • Shivam Gupta

    Shivam Gupta

    defenceselect Academy has best selection rate...
  • Shivam Tiwari

    Shivam Tiwari

    I relied on best coaching in Bhopal with Rathore Sir...
  • Shubham Pandey

    Shubham Pandey

    My dream came true through best coaching in Bhopal...
  • Supriya Singh

    Supriya Singh

    TGC, Airforce
    I came to defenceselect acacdemy from Varanasi and passed my SSB...
  • Suyash Balyan

    Suyash Balyan

    I advice all to do training from Defenceselect Academy...
  • Utsav Sharma

    Utsav Sharma

    TGC Airforce
    personal guidance and best GTO training at defenceselect Academy...
  • Vikas Upadhyay

    Vikas Upadhyay

    I was helped in all possible way in SSB and later by Rathore Sir...
  • Vinay K singh

    Vinay K singh

    Asst Comdt. CG
    Institute helped me a lot to pass my Coast Guard SSB...
  • Vivek Kumar Soni

    Vivek Kumar Soni

    10+2 Tech
    Rathore Sir helped me crack SSB. Best GTO training..
  • Harshal Joshi

    Harshal Joshi

    Air Force (tech)
    Best SSB Coaching
  • Aditya Dubey

    Aditya Dubey

    Defenceselect Academy has guided me to success. Thank you Cdr Rathore Sir!
  • Anjali Nair

    Anjali Nair

    SSC Tech Army
    Working with you & learning from you has secured me my dream!
  • Mrinal Telang

    Mrinal Telang

    10+2 TES
    A very good Academy. Thanks a lot Cdr Rathore Sir.
  • Amit Parmar

    Amit Parmar

    Asst Comdt Coast Guard
    Thank you sir!
  • Srishti Rai

    Srishti Rai

    SSC (ATC)
    Thank you so much sir for all your guidance!
  • Shivanshu Dixit

    Shivanshu Dixit

    Thank you for your guidance and blessings sir.
  • Lokendra Singh Rathore

    Lokendra Singh Rathore

    Thank you Rathore Sir!
  • Aishwarya C Shekhar

    Aishwarya C Shekhar

    Defenceselect Academy trained me for over three months for my SSB which helped me pass my SSB Interview
  • Karuna Jaiswal

    Karuna Jaiswal

    Coast guard, Asst comdt
    Guidance of Cdr Rathore helped me crack SSB Interview.
  • Hindurao Bhosle

    Hindurao Bhosle

    Very well equipped academy for written and SSB training. Very supportive faculty.
  • Rishiraj Pathak

    Rishiraj Pathak

    SSC Tech 48
    Cdr Rathor Sir helped me lot.
  • Pranav Varathe

    Pranav Varathe

    Very good training and individual attention given by Cdr Rathore.
  • Vishal Sharma

    Vishal Sharma

    All the classess given by Cdr Rathore helped me a lot in SSB.
  • Sanjeev Tiwari

    Sanjeev Tiwari

    CDS -1, 2021
    Cdr Rathore sir guided me to my goal.
  • Madhvender Singh

    Madhvender Singh

    AFCAT May 2022
    Thank you for your guidance and forcing all of us to make notes of your lectures which helped me even after one year.
  • Vipin Shakya

    Vipin Shakya

    SSC Tech
    Thanks to Defenceselect Academy
  • Mayank Sharma

    Mayank Sharma

    Defeneceselect Academy gives good training for assured success in SSB Interview
  • Shashank Tiwari

    Shashank Tiwari

    Thanks to Defenceselect Academy for my selection
  • Deepti Singh

    Deepti Singh

    95 % of Interview at SSB was same as practiced by me in Defenceselect academy
  • Piyush Vishwakarma

    Piyush Vishwakarma

    CDS (IAF)
    The RS Defencenceselect Academy really helped me a lot to realise my dream.
  • Abhijeet Nimbalkar

    Abhijeet Nimbalkar

    10 + 2 TES
    Thank you defenceselect Academy for making my dream come true.
  • Anubhav Singh Rathore

    Anubhav Singh Rathore

    10 + 2 TES
    Thank you defenceselect Academy for making my dream come true.
  • Mukul Sharma

    Mukul Sharma

    Sir, without your efforts I couldn't have passed my SSB Interview
  • Shivanshu Shekhar

    Shivanshu Shekhar

    Thank You CDR Rathore Sir!
  • Anuj Dubey

    Anuj Dubey

    Thank You Sir,for guiding me through SSB Interview
  • Prashant Singh

    Prashant Singh

    Army TGC 122
    Commander Rathore's guidance helped me to crack SSB
  • Saksham Pandey

    Saksham Pandey

    My sister sakshi and I owe my selection to your personalised training.
  • Mayank Saxena

    Mayank Saxena

    CAPF (vet)
    Thanks to your training, I have qualified the panel interview of CAPF
  • Aviral Tripathi

    Aviral Tripathi

    10 + 2 Tech
    Defenceselect Acdemy is the best coaching institute for joining Army, Navy or Air Force
  • Siddharth Singh

    Siddharth Singh

    10 + 2 TES
    Thanks to training of Cdr Rathore Sir !
  • Nahush Vaidya

    Nahush Vaidya

    10+2 B Tech
    Thank you sir for your guidance and help.
  • Shardul Sahi

    Shardul Sahi

    Coast Guard (pilot)
    Very supportive and helpful coaching.
  • Gagan Bajpai

    Gagan Bajpai

    NDA 139
    Thank You sir. My success is because of your efforts.
  • Nishu Tyagi

    Nishu Tyagi

    CDS (OTA)
    Rathore Sir has built my confidence for every test in SSB.
  • Gurmukh Singh

    Gurmukh Singh

    Your guidance and feedback in personal interview and psychological tests helped me crack SSB at Allahabad.