NATTO Offer Range of Services

Wall Waterproofing & Wall Treatment

On curing it forms an excellent waterproof and protective elastomeric layer over the surface and thus prevents water infiltration. It is used for interior and exterior waterproofing and damp-proofing of old or new concrete, brickwork, block work, terr....

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Roof Waterproofing & Roof Treatment

The water based product comprises of special quality acrylic polymer along with reinforcing fibres, which after curing, forms a brilliant white coloured, durable, seamless membrane-like waterproof coating over the applied surface .

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TILE ADHESIVE PLUS is a ready mixed high end polymer modified cement based thin bed tile adhesive powder with multi-purpose application area. It provides outstanding bonding of tiles with cementitious surfaces like, plaster, concrete etc.

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Moisture Meter & Prescribed Product System

Homeshield Moisture Meter is a specially designed device to measure moisture content in the wall.

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Performance warranty.

Employing correct waterproofing solutions and undertaking appropriate waterproofing measures is the answer to prevent our adobes from the unwanted water. There are a variety of products and solvents available that protect one's home from leakage problems.

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Heat reduction treatment

Waterproofing treatment for Terrace, Exterior Wall, bath room, water tank, Repairing wall cracks, damaged concrete, Gap Filling Work ,Toilet Waterproofing, Heat reduction treatment like “Terrace cool coating.

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